Vital Essentials – Cat Freeze Dried Duck Mini Patties 8-oz


Product Description:
Does your cat prefer something juicier at meal time? Then they’ll LOVE these freeze-dried grain-free Duck Mini Patties! Crumble the patties into the serving dish and add water – voila! You have a juicy, delicious, and most importantly, a nutritious entree that your kitty will love. This complete and balanced meal is made with only the best – free-range duck meat, organs, and bones.

Product Benefits:
Ultimately limited ingredient diet with single-source protein
Complete and balanced entree
No artificial ingredients, no added hormones or antibiotics
Made with whole meat, organs, and bones – no fillers or flavorings
Free run, farm-raised duck
100% USA sourced, made, and packaged
Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Guilt Free®

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